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  2. Some days back I fell into the trap of a scammer and I lost $9400,that had me frustrated then I told a colleague at work and she told me she was also scammed $15000 but got it back with the help hacksting on IG. She gave me his phone number and I messaged him on WhatsApp, he asked me a few questions and also proof of scam then after 24hrs he got my money recovered and the scammer tracked. Thanks to hacksting on IG.WhatsApp No:+1(678) 435-9707

  3. I had a few guys years ago supposedly from the military ask me for $ for food and I was like nah don't think so the military feeds you I don't bother chatting with anybody online anymore

  4. How can I check who the photos I have belong to? The person tried to scam me but I played him for a fool. Every time he mentioned money , I had a problem with my bank acc…!it was so funny!!! The best was that he was I. Love with me after 2 days…Really! I had 2 months of laughs with the dumb idiot..: 🤣🤣

  5. Your video is so inspiring. I am so grateful for my experience today. No one is too smart to fall victim the vast array of internet frauds. I was involved with someone i met on facebook for about a year before trouble hits. he took away more than money from me, he took away my life as i knew it. pls do not get involved with anyone you've never met. there are people out there that are pure evil and they will suck the life out of you. being scammed is devastating and can affect your career and relationship with your family and friends but do not lose hope yet because help is out there. if you have been scammed, gather all the evidence and details involved and seek assistance with David.acfe19@gmailcom certified government officials that offers a list of investigation and restitution services for free including counseling and financial support providers that can assist you at this difficult time. it was helpful in my case. reporting the scam helps them take one step towards stopping the scammers.

  6. I've been duked by a scammer!! 22 months. In a relationship with a guy who says he was a soldier in Sryia.. Benjamin Persitz Make along story short.. It ended November 26th 2019..tares you up emotionally and financially. learned a very expensive lesson!

  7. I’m currently trying go help an older friend of mine, super nice trusting man, his wife passed 2 years ago,
    Sadly he turned to online match maker sites and has been scammed several times,
    Likely the same person or group going by different identities!
    But he’s forked over his life savings to ladies he thought wanted a relationship with him,
    He’s too trusting and doesn’t understand the depths of the scam artists!

  8. They profess their undying love for you, then the second you tell them you can't send them money, they become aggressive and verbally abusive. That's a big red flag.

  9. Men don’t bum money from women . I know many women who’ve been scammed, and lost thousands, but they still continue looking online for that perfect man. These con artists steal pictures of good looking men and you women fall for them 😆😆 Be alone and happy, or with some bum and miserable . It’s your choice. God bless and good luck in your search😊

  10. As SOON as they ask for money you know that they are in a cafe most likely in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin or South Africa working with a group of scammers. Block them immediately and run away with your bank account intact.

  11. Scammer:"HONEY GIVE ME YOUR PERSONAL INFO SO I CAN COMMIT FRAUD SO YOU WILL GO TO PRISON FOR MY CRIMES!! DON'T DISAPPOINT ME IF YOU LOVE ME!!!" They are so sickening and need a bullet in the head. Glad she didn't get scammed. I chat with a few scammers here and there and have a laugh at their expense.

  12. Omg I’ve gotten so many scammers on instagram lol.When ever they say they are a widower work overseas that should be a sign.Ive gotten supposedly Lionel Richie lol Steve Perry yes from journey lol.They had no idea I knew everything about these Singers and bands Lmboooooo.Oh one thing they as what you do for a living I always say I work for the government and it’s a bye looooooool.

  13. People have to stop being so gullible! And maybe to some, that’s harsh, but people need to think whenever they’re meeting people online, they don’t know who they are anyway. And if they ask for money, run!!!

  14. I always give false information. If someone ask for me to send money through Western Union, I say sure, without doing anything. When they said they didn't receive the money. I tell them I was in a car accident & wind up in the hospital. If they keep on asking, always another excuse. Like on the way to Western Union the cop stop me on a DWI charge & I was send off to jail. I keep the runaround going on over & over. Give them a taste of their own medicine.😉👍

  15. Well I don't know if this is scam, the guy I met online asks for my address and phone number as he said he will be sending me gifts, I told him it would be nice if he can hand it to me personally, but because I want him to trust me that I'm real I gave him my info, he never ask for money but he did send an email he already send the package and gave me the logistics name and tracking number, I tracked the parcel and really saw my name in it… But I'm afraid now that's it's a scam, after that what's next? He will say the package was hold by the customs etc etc… And will be asking for money. I don't really know, it really scares me..im afraid if it's true and that's what's really inside the box is prohibited. OMG. I pray it's not. 😞

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