BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I’ll go through the Bitcoin news today & I’ll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your …


  1. I personally think we aren't ready to breakout just yet. Need a higher low confirmation for a healthy run. I m bearish mid term and I think we are going to retest the bottom of this triangle. We'll find a lot of support down there and will skyrocket. I m calling August-September for an official bull run to start

  2. Hello Carl,

    in the fib spiral i find a strong resistance, and the direction is not up, but it moves to the previous spiral of about 5000 . This fibs are 100% certain hits.The spiral is the same as the rejection of 20.000 ATH.. Greetings Hans

  3. Bitcoin trading right now will be at the top of every wise individual list. In 2 years time you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today crypto currency is profiting

  4. Carl, I think it will be helpful if you refer to the Kosdaq stock index which indicates emerging and high risky stock market in Korea. The Kosdaq market is much smaller than the Kospi which is a resentative stock market in Korea. It is note worthy that recently the price of Kosdaq has surpassed the previous ATH when before the corona virus occurance. Anyway I am pretty sure that the price of BTC will breakout to the upside soon because BTC is also one of a high risky asset today.

  5. Corrections are very healthy to sustain a prolonged bull market. BTC 8800 and even 7700 would be better before 14,000 BTC.

  6. Gr8 job mate, in 1970 to buy 1 gold gram you just need 1$ nowadays 50$, dollar value divided by 50 = 98% loss in 50 years & it's not over ! Someday the monetary explosion ? Or the end of the human civilisation with total nature destruction before ? Best/Safest true stablecoin is VRO really backed. Seems to soon to get out the triangle imo the scenario to 6200 is the right one

  7. customer support. i recommend bitpanda pro. austrian exchange. it is regulated and trustful. 0,1% fees for euro btc gateway. no fees with sepa and even cheaper with their token $BEST.. check it out guys.. great site

  8. It appears that there is still plenty of room left in the triangle to make one more correction before it breaks out. I don't think it will be a massive correction but $6,200 is definitely within range. Time will tell of course but we keep hitting very strong resistance at 10,300 – $10,500. It seems the sling shot effect will have to be strong enough for us to break out of this resistance and then we will see the start of the massive bull run peaking around late 2021. IMHO.

  9. Coinbase is horrible and every crypto advocate should avoid it and steer all crypto n00bs to Gemini, Kraken, or BinanceUS. Not only is their customer service nonexistent, they crash all the time, seize funds and permanently ban users who have no idea what they did to even warrant a ban and have no recourse to fight it, and they have some of the highest fees in the space. We can and must do better. And how we do better is by voting with our dollars to exchanges with some sense of ethics and who truly value the broader mission of the crypto space.

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