World Conspiracy That Could Spur on Bitcoin Adoption for Good (5G Fears)

Today we are going to take a look at the 5G conspiracy that is said to be extremely harmful to humans and the environment. If you would like to be highlighted on …


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  3. They said the same about celll phones when they first came out, I have had a cell phone on my person for nearly 25 years and have zero health issues!

  4. 5G would provide lower latency, not higher. Latency describes to delay in data transmission, and 5G is intended to offer much higher speeds, albeit with lower coverage, hence the need to put up many more of those wonderful high-power microwave transmission towers. 5G has a level of frequency and power which has not been adequately tested over longer periods, and of course you can guess who is pushing for immediate adoption while attempting to bypass more thorough testing…

  5. 5G will be great. Besides if anybody really realized that most of today's technology can be traced back to the TV show Star Trek. I dont care what ppl will think or say. It is pure and simple just look at how the world was b4 star trek came out and the tech the show had. We have today and ppl use on a daily basis. So 5G is just the next logical step.

  6. People who covet wifi on completely superfluous items that don't need them are BEGGING to get hacked. You don't need a fucking talking fridge people. Relax.

  7. 5G? damn , IM already using 7G network that i built myself . I can stream videos in Super ultra high 64K graphics , picture so real, nobody believes it is just a video.

  8. I would've listen to the scientist in the EU that did research on 5G years ago as they were hearing the warnings of this technology and the physical ramifications of its use around humans and yes wildlife is no freaking joke over technology to further big business. People are more important. Your health is more important. Would you rather see the 5 million people parish for the good of adoption? Or the effects on the unborn. Back that ass up and check out more information in the past from the EU! If you haven't noticed, it seems that many Democratic politicians, huge conglomerates, corporations, and elite don't give a 💩 about your well-being! Just their self preservation and enriching themselves & control over you. FN wake up dude

  9. Ive been in this space for just under 3 months… 8500$… it hasnt been easy for a noob so far. Just got a ledger in the mail today… but havent been able to onboard without kyc (driver license expired but covid preventing renewal). Im a believer but have yet to buy and store my first sats. How can i go from Robinhood to owning my own keys? NEED HELP!

  10. Hex…… Bitboy if you deny Hex at this moment everything you say from this point going forward doesnt matter. Real facts. No matter what you say the price will continue to rise faster than anything else. Remember this comment. Bookmark it please…. Thanks. Love you channel.

  11. Why are issues and topics leading to the truth classified as Conspiracy??¿???

    You must not have read about how 5G signal stops oxygen molecules which will cause ailments and discomfort for biological organisms.

    Not just birds, but there are also trees that are shown to have all the leaves gown from one side that is closest to the 5G tower and the fare side still has leaves.

    Tactical vehicles equipt with silent high frequency output waves that cause people to stop in there tracks and then run due to their skin feeling like it's on fire.

    Wake up. It's not a conspiracy!

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