Glassnode: BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I’ll go through the Bitcoin news today & I’ll make a Bitcoin price …


  1. Carl, could you remind me of that one website you showed on one of your videos a few weeks ago. Were you could trademark a name on the blockchain. I forgot what it was called. Ty!

  2. We could see 1 million this year. This is how we do it. 1. Pick a day. 2. Meme that day. 3. On that day everyone set their their sell orders to 1 million per coin on that day. We would drive up the price by sheer force. All the buy orders for under that would be bought up quickly and institutions would fomo in after seeing a sell wall at 1 million on the exchanges. We could make that day a Monday and call it “moonday”.

  3. Roger vere is Satan! Don't give him airtime. He is traitor to bitcoin.. Without bitcoin, he won't be here… He holds more than 51% bch shitcoin… He can't wait to do the dump! Beware all!

  4. Carl, you have to understand that the US economy was hitting all time highs before the virus, so it had pretty far to fall. The downturn numbers don't look as bad when you take that into consideration.

  5. We have 10 years of building left in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area. We’re not going Into anything. Apples building another HQ years and years and years of work. We’re fine.

  6. Today I activated huge short positions on BTC, in my opinion we won´t see these levels for quiete some time. I am expecting BTC and the stock markets to start to roll over in the next 2 weeks. Well could I be wrong absolutely, but I have been right far more than wrong so far. Go back in time and check some of old videos on BTC. We will see how things play out in the next few days

  7. Sh6t eating McAffee took a U-turn on his predictions and said your a fool to listen to me while using words Like God and Jesus and says its old outdated technology of no use…whats ur view on this Karl….is this ethical in any way.???

  8. I just got in the bit coin game about a little over one month ago after stumbling across 1 of your videos you have been nothing but an inspiration to me I just finally obtained my 1st whole bit coin less than a week ago

  9. The fact that you can buy the same amount of Bitcoin that was made in the last 10 minutes globally for only $60k is still shocking on the grand scale of things.

  10. The greater depression will soon be in session. The economy is crumbling with no quick recovery in sight. Precious metals and cryptocurrencies will become the life raft for savy investors. 👩‍🎓✨👨‍🎓

  11. Isn't the rising gap between the MA20 and the MA200 usually considered a warning that the value will go down to close that gap somewhat? More than 10 percent difference is a bit stretched? In the long run, that is.

  12. Carl, Roger been doing this "switch" for years. Switching tickers, pushing users into BCH when they're intentions are for Bitcoin. Sad that BCH communities haven't rejected Roger by now, it shows the desperation. He really is their "rock" 🙁

  13. The trend is your friend, true, but even more true: it's your friend until the end. So when the trend is over it is no longer your friend. So please look for exhaustion patterns in the trend in order for you to know if it's still a trustworthy friend.

  14. Can you please stop encouraging your followers to advertise the amount of crypto they hold? Feels like you are miss leading people to open themselves up to future attacks. Thank you!

  15. Why wont you talk about the fact the BTC transaction FEEs have went up 600% in the past 3 weeks?(while XRP transaction fees remain next to zero and will remain next to zero in perpituity).

  16. Respectfully Carl, we don't want Google punishing anyone. The last thing we need is our leftist Google overlords dabbling anymore in crypto. How are you enjoying their handling of crypto on YouTube? There are other ways to handle this sort of thing.

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