YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE WE ARE! Possible FLASH DIP in Bitcoin and the Ripple XRP Price Chart!

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  1. With my current amount of XRP I'd be millionaire if it just hit the 250$ mark, imagine if it goes to 1000$… I'm getting 30$ every month and my target is to hold it at least until 2025

  2. I thought you are at least a good chart analyst. And I wanted to believe your fractal and positive theory. But, you see? Fractal already broken, are you still positive? If so, seriously, I'm really curious WHY?

  3. Great job on your video yesterday- you suggested that if you were a day trader that selling off some bags would be your strategy and you were 100% correct in predicting the dip. I love your content and thank you so much for your dedication to this community and your channel.

  4. I’m listening and like your content but how many times do you think you said the word “here” or “here” . It’s hard to listen to personally I was hopeful that maybe you could say the price points so I can know what your talking about please

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