YouTube Explains WHY They Banned Crypto YouTubers. SCAMS FOUND In Our FEED!! XRP Is Useless?!?

BREAKING: YouTube explains WHY they had to take Top CrytpCurrency YouTubers Videos down and what lies in store FOR ALL OF US in the future. Also, BTC …


  1. Dont think so that xrp is useless, first it is rank 3 of all cryptocurrencies, second xrp is being adopted by banks and others. There is also a many positive news about xrp eth and btc so they will moon but question i ls when.
    Happy new year brother i wish u best <3

  2. You do a great job! You might not even see this but keep it up! My exit strategy is almost identical to yours but I don’t have as much crypto as you lol

  3. These crypto scammers have no conscience, they pose as legit companies but in fact they are scammers, make your research well before investing with them. They will rip you of your hard-earned cash and disappear, I was a victim of PlusToken and HEX until I got help from consultant@archarielrecovery. com who helped me when I needed help the most and saved me from these scammers

  4. so many scams were past few days hope no one gets it into it. Even with Buterin giving some eth. And most of the people were from Rusia making this scams

  5. If BTC Core Developer says that XRP is useless and doesn't work…that's for sure the truth. BTC guys lost credibility long time ago….BTC is managed by Chineese miners cartel. XRP is like Kryptonite for BTC and that's the fact and truth.

  6. Ok…DAN…can we call you Dan (Digital Asset news)…So, you covered a lot of news there today and I think good things to discuss. My short response: Regulation: just as BG says… the regulation is already in place. Everything ….aml, terrorist funding, scams, etc. is happening with fiat now and always…everywhere existing regulation talks of money just add digital currency and get on with it… I know it can’t be that simple or black an white ; but almost..:-). AND in reference to the XRP being not needed: Peter was quoting some unknown from a twitter thread, Larry, they obviously don’t know that … Ripple doesn’t sell XRP now for a while( OTC stopped); don’t know that XRP ODL uses ILP which makes transactions fast, frictionless, and interoperable. Can they name another asset that can do that? Even BTC moves faster on XRP…. and as you said, there is still a lot of educating to be done…. thanks for the video and sorry if I rambled on… I know you know this stuff already … fellow 1%er.

  7. I have been reporting that scam Chanel for months now, but they keep coming back. In the past thy had live chats I used to tell everyone that it was a scam when it was live, but they banned me. Now they have no way to say anything.

  8. New to the channel.. and like the content! keep it up for the sake that no quality content that can potentially help people should be censored

  9. Good info thx.. i have reported all live scam streams for months but nothing happens ,all crypto youtubers should make more vids about the ongoing live scams to inform all,, Back in 2017 the xrp founder token had the ripple logo or vice versa 🙂 And yes ,if you make a song you can now sell it for xrp 🙂

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