1. What is best for a bot, limit orders or market orders? I have written some very successful tradingview scripts and while converting them from "strategy" to "study" and putting in the codes for autoview (to auto-trade for me) I have to choose limit or market. I have one running live for about a week now and it's up like 15% using market but sometimes the trades aren't quite the same as the "strategy" version so should I use limit or stick with market?

  2. Anyone interested in a great trading bot please check out Volatronix (link below). It is a proven strategy that is described on the site, and with the excel simulator, you can see that it does not matter which way the price moves, that growth is constant in its mathematical ratio based High Frequency Trading. It is an incredible tool that basically costs nothing. And pretty beginner friendly, just fill in the blanks. Contact me for more information if you need to. I know the developer well and he is not only a great person but he's a genius with coding. It is a small group of users, and we have an amazing community. https://triphiusfire.nz/volatronix.php?friend=ChipinJimi

  3. Great Video – Please could you make a video showing how you get Zenbot from github to your computer. Please show it running and placing trades and how to change strategies and change exchanges.

    Ronan Chardonneau

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