1. I just found out that I had staked $2000 of xsgd-zil lp on zilswap a few weeks ago. 1% daily APR plus increase in zil value, so its worth $4600 now, and best of all, it had accumulated 154 Zwap bonus rewards! The zwap alone is worth $30k now, freaking happy to say the least. All this from a $2000 investment about 1-2 months ago that I had totally forgot about.

  2. How much is gzil worth ? When i buy Gzil and swap it to Zilliqa? I want do buy about 2K this week. Some tips? Or shoud i buy just Zilliqa? This project is undervalued so i am in. ^^

  3. where do you recommend buying ZIL? I am thinking of transferring mine from Binance to somewhere else. It seems they have occasional withdrawal issues. Thanks for the great video.

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  5. I don't understand why you put so much emphasis on a coins worth in satoshies. Who buys or sells anything in terms of what the current price of BTC is? People buy and sell in terms of fiat…or at least 99.999% of crypto owners.

  6. Question tho. Are you long on Zilliqa?

    Love the team, community, tech, and everything about it. Just haven't been in crypto long enough to see how these mid-caps that were low for a long time play out

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